Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dominican Immigration: Number of illegal Haitians jumps 15% to 1.0M after quake

29 June 2010, 2:12 PM

Santo Domingo.- Immigration director Sigfrido Pared affirmed Tuesday that the number of Haitians currently in the country illegally increased 15 percent to around one million, attributing it the jump to the quake which devastated that nation.

He said before the catastrophe there were no more than around 800,000 illegal Haitian immigrants in the Dominican Republic. “To say the Haitian presence in Dominican Republic hasn’t increased after the quake is to cover the sun with a finger. It has increased, however Immigration, the Border Guards and the Army work to keep people from taking advantage to smuggle more into the country.”

Interviewed on Telemicro Channel 5, the official said many Haitian nationals who try to enter Dominican territory illegally have been caught returned to their country.

“What isn’t being done are the repatriations of people who’ve already settled down in Dominican Republic although illegally, until conditions in the Republic of Haiti become just a bit more encouraging.”

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